Pyrography (Deluxe Edition)

by Osunlade

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It has been said many times before and needs to be reiterated, there are very few artists in the realm of dance music that are genuinely inimitable, Osunlade really is one of a kind, he is different. Its true he obtains some attributes of being just like many other electronic artists, he is a label owner, musician, producer and internationally recognized DJ with a huge fan base and following. What differentiates him from the rest is his approach to music, his inspirations and his faith. He follows the Ifa culture; a religion that recognises deities derived from nature and can be considered more of a lifestyle than a religion. He is a man who is deeply connected to nature, an ordained Yoruba priest often seen with his trademark bone jewellery elegantly adorning his nose. A man that is highly philosophical about life and relationships and who possesses a deep spirituality that reflects his emotion and experience through his music.
It’s been nearly four years since Osunlade has graced us with an original full length house album, (his last was ‘Elements Beyond’ in 2007). His next release and self proclaimed last house release is about to be released.
His album entitled ‘Pyrography’ is an evolution incorporating the signature Yoruba Soul sound, bridging the gap between organic and electronic. Braced with more vocal songs than any other previous house album, Osunlade has created an innovative endeavour.
“The whole idea for the album was to do something more electronic as well as include more ‘songs’, organic meets technology”.
With songs such as Idiocyncracy, the infectious Envision, the Yoruba chant of Ser Al Santisimo just to name a few create a wonderful palette of the musical diversity encompassed here.
Idiocyncracy especially is a standout work, a deep house song, with an electronic vocal inspired by Kraftwork, a strong influence on Osunlade’s early musical development.
“I grew up on Kraftwerk and I loved them. If Kraftwerk made a funky song today that would be what it would be for me’.
In addition to the album itself, Osunlade has teamed up with the amazing talent of Australian pyrography artist Scott Marr to create an original art experience much like the days when the two forums, art and music were one.
The two have created a new view of the Yoruba Orisha Deities to accompany the sound and feel of the music. Pyrography translates to “painting with fire” in which all the works are composed in an ancient fashion of painting onto canvas or paper with flames or hot objects like fire pokers. It is a truly magical process which creates earthy natural tones with actual flames and without using any brush strokes. All the materials used in the artwork have been sourced from nature and are wholly organic.
This is a true celebration of the organic meeting the synthetic, and art meeting music.

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released June 13, 2014

01 Im Happy 3:55
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music)
Linn 9000/Wurlitzer/Fender Rhodes/Mini Moog/Log Drums/Hand Percussion/Arp Omni
Vocals: Tanya Blount
Spoken Word: Thriller Man
Recorded At The I’lle, Toronto

02 Envision 4:14
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music)
MPC2000/Live Snare/Muted Vibe/Handclaps/Mini Moog/Shakers/Vocals: Osunlade
Recorded At The I’lle, Toronto

03 Walkin’ In Paris 5:05
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/ Sony Atv Music)
Produced and Arranged by Osunlade & Chateau Flight
Spoken Word: Salome de Bahia
MPC2000/Percussion/Samples/Guitar: Chateau Flight
Vocals/Mini Moog/Fender Rhodes/Strings: Osunlade
Recorded At Versatile Studios, Paris

04 Idiosyncracy 5:20
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music)
Linn 9000/B3/Synths/Mini Moog/Voice/Moog Source/Claps: Osunlade
Recorded At Oya’s House, Santorini

05 Trinity Ov Me ft Oveous Maximus 5:16
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music)
Live Drums/B3/Mini Moog: Osunlade
Spoken Word: Oveous Maximus
Recorded At The I’lle, Toronto

06 ManOWirdz 6:23
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music)
Italian Spoken Word: Gabriele Poso,
French Spoken Word: Luis Davis Najar
Greek Spoken Word: Christos Mendrinos
MPC2000/Udu/Hand Percussion/Moog Source
Theramin/Bohran Drum/Talking Drum/Mallets: Osunlade

07 The Distance 8:12
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music)
MPC2000/Arp 2600/Moog Source/Snd Fx/Arp Omni/Voice: Osunlade

08 No Way 5:59
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music)
MPC2000/Live Drums/Moog Source/Arp 2600/Vocals/Theramin: Osunlade

09 Intro (Solemait) 2:46
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music)
Live Drums/Fender Rhodes/Mini Moog/Arp 2600/Hand Percussion/MPC2000: Osunlade
Recorded At The I’lle, Toronto

10 Ser Al Santisimo 4:50
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music)
MPC 2000/Mallets/Iphone/B3/Congas/Moog Source/Arp 2600: Osunlade
(Contains A Sample Of “Santisimo” By Los Nani, Courtesy Of Egrem Music Cuba)

11 Pheramones 10:46
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music)
MPC2000/Linn 9000/Live Snares/Snd Fx/Woodblock/Log Drum/Vocal Samples: Osunlade
Violins/Violas/Cellos: Yoruba Soul Orchestra

12 Yeku Yeku 6:55
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music)
Drums/Percussion/Fender Rhodes/Bass/Guitar/Vocals/Synths:
Muted Trumpet: Skeeta

13 A Day Without U 3:37
(Osunlade, Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music)
Drum Programming, Log Drums, Moog Source/ Arp Omni/Fender Rhodes/Theremin/Vocals: Osunlade

All Songs Records And Mixed By Osunlade At Oya’s House, Santorini Greece
Composed, Arranged And Performed by Osunlade For Yoruba Records
Published by Yoruba People’s Music, Ascap/Sony Atv Music
Copyright 2011



all rights reserved


Yoruba Records Egeo, Greece

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Track Name: Envision
i dont know what more to say
hey you whats the delay
inside, cuz i just cant envision it...
you pretend people cant see
who you are, claim to be
inside, but u just cant envision it...
all my friends said he's a fool
and promise that ur cool
inside, but they just cant envision it...
maybe one day you'll be brave
and trust your life and save
til then, u just cant envision it...

can't envision it...

how do u see this would play
in your mind, are you str8?
inside, if u just envision it...
dont u realiZe the truth
instead of lies its mute and crime
but u just cant envision it...
if love is such a game
then hatin' yourself's a shame
and you deprive
can u just envision this?...

can't envision it...
Track Name: Idiosyncracy

i cant play the fool
i love how u do
every thing and mood
its just so damn cool

u take me as i
am and u dont care
all the crazy things
close to me i wear
Track Name: NO Way
NO Way

no way im gonna stay
im leaving u yesterday
ur way has given me
some doubts of what i believed

u been searching for that,
feeling that u know can be inside,
someone you can confide..ah
id been seeking for a long time baby
then u came my way,
shown me finer days..yea yea

things been going well and
never better as we knew it would
this love is so damned good
but now we face decisions
how to make a living
go beyond this love affair..

no way im gonna stay
im leaving u yesterday
ur way has given me
some doubts of what i believed

now we hit this road and
which way do we go
to find our way
praying our answers may

complicated seems as if there's
never any no way out
it just creates more doubt
we both know solutions
wont become conclusions without pain
no way beyond this game
i just want to be clear
whether far or near
i wont stick out a love of fear as clout

no way im gonna stay
im leaving u yesterday
ur way has given me
some doubts of what i believed
Track Name: The Sacred Triad (Previously Unreleased)
The Sacred Triad
i gotta tell u that i aint been the same
this sacred triad making love turn to pain
and all i wanna do is turn it around
but sacred triad got my love in a frown
i gotta tell u that im trying to stay
this sacred triad love keep pushin its way
and all i wanna do is see if i can
be in love like a full adult man
i gotta tell u that you aint what u say
you full of love but u aint full of love's faith
this sacred triad gotcha feelin in doubt
of what you know and what see as way out
i gotta tell u that u aint been the same
the way you love me, hey its got me insane
this sacred triad brings a moment's uprise
and then i leave and turn around in surprise