Postcards From Strangers

by Trinidad Senolia



Garth Trinidad and Mateo Senolia, names synonymous with quality and innovation unite to bring to the globe ‘Trinidad-Senolia’. This DJ /Production team have journeyed through a multitude of musical eras to create the highly anticipated EP ‘Postcards from Strangers’. This four-song project walks the listeners through the body and mind of diasporic grooves.
Beginning with ‘Sucre Sacre’ (Sacred Sugar) a soulful house song that respectfully honors the slaves and ancestors landing of the ancient land of Haiti. Transporting us to the time of sugar cane and rituals through the footsteps of ancestral drums, haunting string, funky bass and the chanting of the Papa Legba invocation. This composition lays the foundation for the literary reading from the novel ‘Red Now and Later’ which soulfully illustrates a time gone by.
The next post card slices into a time that disco chants had a simple message. ‘Hair and Makeup” shares just a moment in time that every woman prepares to reflect and project herself in to the hot party scene. These progressive beats intensify in the mist of the flirtatious vocals.
We move along to ‘You Showed Me’ which is pure expression of love and its story. This 70’s inspired sonnet combines the heroine and her hero as he declares his undivided passion for their future. This dialogue is deliciously intertwined with a classic ‘Turtles’ song that twisting it into a deep soulful groove.
‘La Pacifica’ begins with the mystical echoes of the ocean as it emerges into a rhythmic sultry groove. ‘La Pacifica’ speaks of a journey around the globe encompassing layers of Bata drums along with the lyrics from the forthcoming novel entitled ‘Hollywood Rock Swinging’. The legendary Garth Trinidad recites the trilogy of the city, ocean and woman creating atmospheres of connection through sound, literature and love for the alluring city of angels.
‘Postcards from Stranger’ introduces the world to the epic odyssey of Trinidad-Senolia as they forge a progressive path of sonic explorations.


released November 14, 2014

Side A
01 Sucre Sacre 8:57
Produced and Composed by Mateo Senolia
Recorded at The Red Room Studios/LA
Narration by Marcus J. Guillory
Bass: Jeff Connors
Keys: Mateo Senolia, Kevin Toussaint
Moog: Osunlade
Contains excerpt from "red now-n-laters" (c) 2012. Atria/Simon & Schuster, a novel by Marcus J. Guillory

02 Hair & Makeup (feat. Girl 3) 8:02
Produced and Composed by Mateo Senolia
Recorded at The Red Room Studios/LA
Vocals: Girl 3

Side B
01 You Showed Me (Edit) 4:37
Produced by Mateo Senolia
Recorded at The Red Room Studios/LA

02 La Pacifica 4:39
Produced by Mateo Senolia
Co-Produced by Garth Trinidad
Composed by Mateo Senolia
Recorded at The Red Room Studios/LA
Bata Drums: Bill Summers, Richard Marquez, Mateo Senolia
Narration by Garth Trinidad
Contains excerpts from "hollywood rock swinger" a novel by Marcus J. Guillory

All songs mixed by Osunlade @ The I’lle Mobile Studios, St Louis



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